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Frameworks are incredible. We got to see them Friday night in the basement of a pizza place blowing every show I’ve been to recently out of the water. We caught up with their vocalist Luke afterwards, check it out below!

How has this tour been so far with crowd reaction?

I think this tour has been the best so far, I feel like I say that every time but I really feel like this one’s been the best because this is the first tour we’ve been promoting Loom, and everything up until now has been like SXSW or going to record it where you kind of get a false reading of how the songs are being taken, but we really do feel very positive about this

That’s great that every one just keeps getting better and better, it’s a good feeling. Do you guys have a tour playlist, or any weird songs you listen to in the car?

Yea we have very embarrassing things we listen to. This one isn’t embarrassing but we’re actually really big fans of Anamanaguchi, so that usually pumps us up.  We also play very terrible music like Volbeat, and other embarrassing things that I won’t mention.

How do you think people are going to receive this album? If they liked Small Victories will they like this?

Maybe. The album kind of progresses so the title track “Loom” is the first track off of it, and then it kind of progresses into like a darker tone, sort of getting heavier and darker. So if you like Loom you’ll like half of it and if you don’t like Loom and like darker things, you might like the later half of it. So there’s a high chance that people will be 50/50 with this album, so we’ll see.

With that new song you just put up (Familiar Haze) you were writing about how it was from that movie (The Lords of Salem) and how it (put women in a satanic trance)

Yea, we really like Rob Zombie. That’s also something we play in the car

Once you guys wrap up this tour what are your summer plans? Are you going to tour again?

Nothing is in stone yet, but we plan on going out this summer, we just don’t know exactly what we’re going to do. We haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

Are you guys stoked for Fest?

Yea, Fest is our favorite time of the year, right outside of SXSW. We’ve been going there since we were older enough to get into the shows. The Fest does a really awesome job of collecting all of our friends somehow, so every time it’s just like all of our friends are here for Fest, at least that’s how it was last year. We have a really good time.

Was last year your first year playing?

First official year playing, we’ve done house shows and stuff.

Nice! I’m going to go down this year, it’ll be my first year going.

It’s worth it!

Is there any meaning behind the name Loom?

Yea there is a big meaning. The whole album is a concept album. The album is loosely based off one of my favorite poems called the Tobacco Kiosk. So the author is looking out a window and he sees this tobacco kiosk, and he sees somebody go out of it and he sees somebody go in it. And he thinks to himself that – at least this is my interpretation – that this could all be fake. So I wrote the album along that idea of maybe looking out my own window and watching cars pass, and that I will never have the chance to interact with 99% of the people that pass by, and it’s so overwhelming that it feels too big and too fake, so it’s this idea that loomed over me, this very negative, impersonal idea.

That’s terrifying, but I’m very excited to hear it.

The concept is like, that idea of forming, coming over, ending, and then resolving.

Are you stoked for Tiny Moving Parts to join?

YEA, those are some of our best friends that play music. Last Fest was just insane. Every time we get with those guys, I don’t know what happens but somehow we all got so drunk last year that we convinced Bill, the drummer of Tiny Moving Parts, to scalp his head – not shave it. It all started back at my house in my living room and he’s black out drunk and Matt, our drummer, is sitting next to him with a lighter. Bill’s shaking his head and part of his hair catches on fire because, I don’t know if he hadn’t showered in so long that the grease just went up or something. And he’s still doing it, doesn’t notice it’s on fire, and Matt’s like, “Bill, your hair’s on fire!” and Dylan’s just laughing while Matt keeps yelling and slapping it off. He ended up missing a patch of hair from it getting burned off. He was like, “I don’t even care”, and Dylan’s like, “If you don’t care, you should shave it”. He kept going on and somehow that convinced us to do it and the next day he woke up and forgot about it, looked in the mirror and goes, “Ugh, I think I’ll buy a hat”. And that is Tiny Moving Parts.

That’s awesome, they seem like really positive dudes!

They are! You never see Dylan not smiling, and it’s encouraging but discouraging at the same time, because we’re like, “Man, how are you so positive” it makes us seem negative.

You guys are incredible musicians, I watched your drummer drop his stick and play with it upside down the rest of the song because he didn’t have time to flip it.

Yea we really lucked out with Matt, we’ve gone through about 5 drummers. We went through a string of drummers and Matt, who was 16 at the time, was like “Please let me try out, please let me try out, I know all the songs”, and we were hesitant cause he’s 16, but it worked out really well. He came in and knew all of the songs which was cool. I could not imagine drumming with anybody else.

I saw Kevin talking about how he was listening to Small Victories and then before it even finished he was emailing you guys about signing you. How does that feel?

That’s incredible, it’s the coolest feeling because Topshelf is honestly my favorite label and it’s been my favorite label since before I knew any of them. One day I got a text message from Tanner of You Blew It!, he sent me a screenshot of Kevin saying, “tell me about this Frameworks band”, and then Tanner was like, “Best band in Florida besides Dikembe”, and he sent that to me and I was just like, “What is going on”. We were so ecstatic, we were on this infinite high for a month. It was unimaginable for us because that was the label we wanted to be on, and they were very interested in having us, so it was literally the best case scenario.

Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

Kevin, Seth, and Jon, we really like them. Also Gates, they’re been so generous. We’re on the fourth day of this tour and we’re literally riding in their van using all of their equipment because our stuff doesn’t work. So, a big shout out to them for being so nice. Our van started crapping our the second day and it’s just over in Baltimore now hopefully getting fixed, and they were just like, “Come ride with us, we’ll make the show”.

Catch Frameworks on their tour with Gates and Tiny Moving Parts, dates here

Preorder Loom from Topshelf Records

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